WPSatchel Launch Post

Today is the launch of Maera under the WPSatchel brand. WPSatchel has acquired Maera and Shoestrap3 from PressCodes. The acquisition includes all past customers, email lists, Maera and Shoestrap3 along with all child themes and plugins.

The Future of Maera:

Maera will undergo continued development and improvement with the release today of a new version updating and fixing multiple bugs across the core Maera framework and the Maera Shells.

WPSatchel is committed to the future of Maera and is currently working towards new shells and general framework improvements.

Also, WPSatchel is currently working on a new framework which will more closely tie into the “WordPress” way of doing things. While Maera utilizes the Twig and Timber frameworks and introduced the concept of shells, a new framework based off Maera is currently undergoing development and is expected to be released within the next six months.


Pricing has been changed to bring the power of Maera to more developers and users than ever before. Now on a monthly recurring payment, a yearly recurring payment and the introduction of a lifetime membership makes Maera much more affordable.

Also, any additional themes/plugins/frameworks released on WPSatchel will be made available to members as part of their membership package at no extra cost.


With the acquisition comes the closure of the support forums, while some companies and products support forums work great, they are also incredibly hard to maintain and monitor. All future support will be provided by email. Support is provided seven days a week, and we (WPSatchel) aim to respond to any questions within 24hrs.

The Future of Shoestrap3:

Shoestrap3 will no longer be under active development, with the advancements coming with Bootstrap 4, it doesn’t make much sense to continue with the Shoestrap3 development and our time is better placed in continuing the development of products like Maera. If you hold a Shoestrap3 product license, we’ll still honor that and will do our utmost to fix any bugs and assist with any issues that arise.

Licensing and automatic updates:

For now, all licensing has been removed, any purchase made will be for unlimited sites with no requirement registering a license. Also for the time being automatic updates have been withdrawn, while we explore the best option to provide automatic updates to our customers. If you have any problems updating our support team would be happy to assist.


WPSatchel was founded by Jack, a software developer with ten years WordPress experience. WPSatchel will be run by Jack and a team of trusted freelancers providing support and assisting in pushing development forward.


If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say Hi, drop me an email at jack (at) wpsatchel.com

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