Retiring The Maera Restaurant Shell

The Maera Resturant Shell was created with the goal of making it easy for anyone who uses the Maera WordPress Theme Framework, to create a Resturant style website.  However, there’s a problem.

* It should have been a child theme and not a shell. In Maera a Shell is meant to be used for markup, for applying a set of markup that you will use throughout your project. Like our Bootstrap Shell, Material Shell and Foundation Shell.

* It requires a three-year-old plugin (
While the plugin still works great, despite not being updated for so long, and the developer behind it is one of the best in the business. It is most probably not the smartest idea to keep developing a Shell that requires a plugin that had it’s last update three years ago.

* More plugins! Yes, yet again it needed another plugin in the form of Advanced Custom Fields, either the free version or the Pro version. ACF is without a doubt one of the best plugins for developers to create a range of custom fields in no time at all. However, requiring for that website you might be passing off to a restaurant owner? Yeah… not the best of ideas.

There are other aspects of the plugin as well that don’t fit with what Maera was intended to be. It is not an easy decision to retire any product. However, I feel this is the right move going forward and will allow us to focus on core aspects of our offering.

Know that support will still be offered for any of the existing Maera Restaurant Shell customers, which is less than 70 and less than 10 are actively using it (yeah it never was that popular).

It will be updated for six months to keep up with compatibility with WordPress core where needed. After that, it will be retired.

Ultimately, if you are actively using the Maera Restaurant Shell, which let’s be fair from the stats you most probably aren’t. Though if you are, maybe check out one of these great purpose built Restaurant Solutions:

Restaurant Reservations (

FoodPress (

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