Did you know Maera Is Free?

Did you know Maera is free?

Most people don’t, which is why we’ve decided to write this blog post and explain more about Maera and what you can do with it. Make sure you subscribe to our blog as well, as we’ll be posting tips and tutorials on how to use Maera and it’s add-ons.

The ultimate framework

Sure ultimate might be a big word to throw around when referencing something, but it’s true Maera really is the ultimate WordPress theme framework. No bloat, no un-needed additions just one awesome framework that is extremely powerful.

Why is it the ultimate framework?

Put simply it uses Timber and Twig. Twig is one of if not the easiest to use templating languages available. It takes complex templating and makes it simple. Then Timber brings the power, changing complex WordPress queries in PHP to simple Twig based templating. Not only that but Maera resolves one of the time long issues with WordPress Theme frameworks. You know those awesome frameworks that have child themes, but then you can’t edit them at all and updates become difficult? You’ll see people recommend grand-child themes (please don’t do that). Maera brings Shells to the table.

What the heck are shells?

Shells are the all-seeing, all-powerful integral part of Maera. Shells are plugins. Plugins that extend the Maera framework. Adding new options to the customizer, new templates, new layouts and a bunch of other stuff. Not only that but it can change the entire markup of your page by using a completely different CSS framework.

Wait. What? A different CSS framework

That’s right! Maera supports all your most loved CSS frameworks. Bootstrap, Foundation and Materialize (Based on Google’s Material Design). You utilize Macros when creating a new shell and Maera uses core classes and markup to allow you to always easily apply the CSS and markup you need. That’s why Maera comes with a range of shortcodes and grid classes you know things like: maera_grid_col_1 a one column grid anyone?. Checkout the markup here.

This effectively means you can build your site with Bootstrap in mind, change your mind and switch to Foundation with no issues. Or you can build your site with the Bootstrap shell, and create a child theme that requires the Bootstrap shell to be activated as you utilize Bootstrap markup within the child theme. That means you get ultimate control over the child theme with the shell doing the heavy lifting.

Lights, Camera, Action! & Filters?

That’s right, just as you’d expect from any self respecting Theme Framework. Maera comes with a ton of actions and filters straight out the box. Allowing you to have as much control as possible in your websites development. Nifty eh? Why not find out about the Actions and Filters.

Who is Maera for?

For everyone! Desginers, Developers, Small Business owners. If you’re a developer you might just want the framework which is 100% free! If you’re a designer, maybe you want to get started with the framework and one of the CSS framework shells. A business owner? Getting started with the Bootstrap Shell and the core framework and you can’t go wrong.

What can I create?

Anything. Literally. Maera is powerful. Like insanely powerful. Using one of the CSS framework shells such as Bootstrap or Foundation? Then did you know you can use any of that frameworks markup in your post or pages in the text editor mode when creating your page or post. That means you can use the components from any of the CSS frameworks you have activated with Maera, Bootstrap, Foundation or Materialize right there in your pages and posts.

Dude – Where’s my page builder?

No page builders here. Maera uses pure markup, Twig, HTML, PHP, CSS. This means when you switch themes (we’ll be sad to see you go!) you won’t be left with a load of random shortcodes spread all over your website. Really desperate for a page builder? We thought you might be. That’s why Maera works great with Visual Composer right out the box. Fancy a change the framework also works great with Forge and Cornerstone.

This is sounding pretty good, where can I get it?

We thought you might like it, just click the button below and you’ll automatically get the latest release. We’re working on developing a dedicated area to Maera explaining more and always with the latest downloads. For now that place is here.

What about my favourite Plugins?

Maera works with all your favourite plugins, from WooCommerce to Jetpack. We also have built in specific Easy Digital Downloads integration, making your downloads look beautiful in every way possible. Oh and did we mention it also works with a developers favourite, Advanced Custom Fields. Now that brings power to the table.

So can we get a discount?

Well as you asked so nicely, exclusively on this blog post we’re giving away a massive 91% discount. Just use coupon “CRAZYMAERA” at checkout. This is our best ever discount and will only be available over the period of Halloween from today through to the 31st of October so act quickly!.

What else are you working on?

That would be telling wouldn’t it? Just be assured it’s awesome. We have new Maera specific developments in the works. And we also have a range of plugins we’re working on getting out. Simply put you won’t want to miss out on what’s coming.

This sounds so awesome I want to promote it to my clients, followers and on my blog!

We don’t have an affiliate scheme at the moment, but get in touch and we’ll review the options.

I have a question!

Send us an email via our contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Can you develop me a custom plugin, theme or shell?

We can! Why not take a look at our Custom WordPress development page for more information or get in touch with us today for a no obligation free quote!

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