Shoestrap 3 Lives! Meet Compound

What? Wasn’t Shoestrap 3 retired?

It was, when we made our original deal with the great folks of, part of the deal was we wouldn’t be using the Shoestrap 3 brand name. However they were happy for us to use the code base and build on that. Originally we made the decision to continue with Maera on it’s own. But after many requests from members new and old we decided to bring it back from the dead and what better day to do that than halloween.

Meet Compound

Compound is the successor to the Shoestrap 3 framework and will undergo continuous development, updates and improvements.

We’re working on getting all previous Shoestrap 3 plugins and child themes updated for the new Compound framework, expect to see those released over the coming weeks. We’re currently aiming to have everything released by the end of Novemeber.

Everything you loved about Shoestrap 3 is back. Nothing is missing or removed. Deprecated functions have been updated, warnings have been resolved. We’re working on the framework and we’re sure you’ll love what we have planned. It’s pretty exciting.

What about my old Shoestrap 3 based websites?

Good news! We’re working on a Shoestrap 3 >> Compound updater/importer. This will map all your Shoestrap 3 options to Compound options. And as the framework is the same at it’s core if you have custom plugins/functionality built on the Shoestrap 3 functions, you can simply update those with the new function and class names.

It’s free!

Yep. Just like Shoestrap 3, Compound is 100% free. Build and grow on the framework with no restrictions or limitations. The add-ons and child themes are premium paid additions which are all included in the WPSatchel membership. Though you don’t need to purchase these to enjoy the Compound framework.

What does this mean for Maera?

Don’t panic! Maera is and always will be in active development with additions, child themes and plugins. We have no plans to retire Maera. Maera is a core part of what we offer at WPSatchel and it will always be that way.

So why bring it back?

When we made the decision to just keep Maera under development. We believed it to be the right one. However after talking with many customers, we discovered they loved Shoestrap 3 or had built existing sites on it and didn’t want to switch to Maera because of this and the ultimate love for Shoestrap 3, we decided to bring it back as Compound.

Isn’t having two frameworks confusing?

Not at all. Compound does things the “WordPress way” with templating, while Maera uses Timber. Both are different ways of templating and Compound still uses it’s own options panel, while Maera uses the WordPress customizer. Ultimately this makes them two very distinct frameworks with no crossover and hopefully you’ll love building websites with both!

I’m an existing customer – Do I get access to all the premium add-ons?

Of course you do! As a member of WPSatchel you get access to all new releases, updates and support. Just log in to your account and download. The core Compound framework is available for anyone to download without an account at no cost.


It’s exciting times here at WPSatchel with many great plugin and themes releases getting ready for launch and we can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on. Onwards and upwards!

Introducing Our Affiliate Program

Introducing Our Affiliate Program

Over the past couple of months we’ve had multiple people ask us when we’ll be launching our affiliate program. We never knew the answer to this at the time as everything was still being planned along with pricing, new additions and what affiliates will receive along with other specifics.

As of now anyone can sign up to become an affiliate, just navigate over to the Affiliate Area. Once you’ve registered an affiliate account it will be instantly activated and you’ll be able to start earning money by referring visitors using your unique link.

What’s the commission?

We believe that our affiliates will be one of the most important sources of generating visits and income both for our business and for you our affiliates. That’s why we’re paying out 70% of all payments received in affiliate fees. This also is for recurring payments. Meaning if someone signs up using your affiliate link for a monthly membership you’ll receive 70% month after month.

This is sounding great! What about payouts?

Glad you asked! Payouts are made every 60 days. While this may seem like a long term. Unfortunately affiliate fraud is a very real possibility and to prevent this as much as possible we’ve set the payout time high. This means for the money you earn in November, you’d be paid at the end of January. All payouts are made via PayPal. We pay the fees as we’re awesome like that.

Mmmm… Cookies

Like all good affiliate programs we track the visits you send with cookies. Cookies expire after 31 days. Meaning that if you refer someone to us and they don’t delete their cookies, they have a 31 day window of which to purchase a membership and you’ll still receive that affiliate credit.


How crazy can you go? As crazy as you want. In your affiliate area we provide creatives for both dark backgrounds and light backgrounds (our logo). An .AI file is also available of our logo if you’d like to modify the sizing. Or we can do it for you, just drop us a message.

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll also be creating advertisements in all the common sizes such as 125px x 125px sidebar advertisements and more!

What about special deals and partnerships?

We’re open to partnerships, one time offers and exclusive deals. Send us a message via our Contact Form.

Stats, Stats, Stats!

Track everything in your affiliate dashboard, payouts, visits, traffic referred. Pending payouts and much more.

Sign up to our affiliate program today.

New Maera Updates!

Today we’re happy to announce the latest updates to two our products, Maera and Maera Bootstrap.

Our Maera Framework Update includes:

* Fix searchform.twig causing internal server errors
* Remove search filter breaking external search plugins
* Fix use correct function for locating files
* Fix multiple warnings
* Modification: No Longer require Kirki for the core framework
* Remove admin notice about the add-ons tabs that was removed in prior versions
* Modification: Stop auto-activating plugins
* Remove un-needed jQuery enqueue
* Remove Kirki as an embedded plugin
* Remove Timber as an embedded plugin

These improvements are primarily aimed at making future development changes easier and better for the end user and developers.

Our Maera Bootstrap Update includes:

* Fix missing navigation options
* Code Cleanup
* Add custom code editors

The new custom code editors are one of the biggest improvements, rather than having the plain text box, the new code editors, highlight the text syntax for the correct language and offer proper formatting.

Both of these updates are now available to download in your account. Any questions just let us know.


Introducing – Maera Foundation

It’s release time at WPSatchel! That means one thing, a brand new shiny release of an awesome product.

That product today is the Maera Foundation Shell. This shell is an extension to our existing Maera Framework and implements the Foundation Framework to your WordPress site. With the Shell activated on your site, you’ll be able to use all the classes and markup that Foundation provides and everything will be styled exactly as you’d expect.

Like with all our Shells, Maera Foundation utilizes the WordPress Customizer and includes a raft of customization options.

To find out more about the Maera Foundation Shell, check out the project page here.

If you’re an existing customer, you can login and download the new Shell today!