A Sneak peek at our upcoming WordPress Business theme.

Here at WPSatchel we’ve been busy working away on a range of new plugins and themes, today we’re giving you a sneak peek at one of our new themes that is currently in the prototyping phase. Say hello to Maera Business (working title).


Maera Business is the ultimate WordPress multi-purpose business theme, with a strong focus on a more unique look, everything is editable. And built in contact forms allow you to get up and running quickly and easily.

But why business you ask? While strictly this new WordPress theme is being designed with a business use in mind, it’s also multi-purpose and comes with a range of built-in templates and functionality. It’ll also be compatible with and directly integrated with some very exciting new plugins we have coming up. We’re not stopping here though. Over the coming months we’ll be launching a range of Themes, Plugins and Tools to make your WordPress life easier. Whether your a designer, developer, agency, or a WordPress beginner who doesn’t know the first thing about it. We’re looking at making everything easier.

Get ready for a whole range of tutorials, articles, hints, tips, tricks and some super exciting member exclusive content. WordPress Themes are just the start.

Got any questions, comments, or feedback? Let us know in the comments below.

New Maera Updates!

Today we’re happy to announce the latest updates to two our products, Maera and Maera Bootstrap.

Our Maera Framework Update includes:

* Fix searchform.twig causing internal server errors
* Remove search filter breaking external search plugins
* Fix use correct function for locating files
* Fix multiple warnings
* Modification: No Longer require Kirki for the core framework
* Remove admin notice about the add-ons tabs that was removed in prior versions
* Modification: Stop auto-activating plugins
* Remove un-needed jQuery enqueue
* Remove Kirki as an embedded plugin
* Remove Timber as an embedded plugin

These improvements are primarily aimed at making future development changes easier and better for the end user and developers.

Our Maera Bootstrap Update includes:

* Fix missing navigation options
* Code Cleanup
* Add custom code editors

The new custom code editors are one of the biggest improvements, rather than having the plain text box, the new code editors, highlight the text syntax for the correct language and offer proper formatting.

Both of these updates are now available to download in your account. Any questions just let us know.